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European-wide search for exceptional business leaders.

Whether our client is a start-up company in an active growth phase or a mature company looking for new leadership talents to re-invigorate or re-structure an existing organisation, we can help to identify that key person or team that will make the difference.

Our approach:

The first step in any successful search project is for us to fully understand the client, his objectives, organisational design and corporate culture. This is normally achieved through detailed discussions with the key managers in the client organisation
The next step is to define the Job Profile to ensure that the search is focused in the right direction. Many searches fail due to an incorrectly or loosely defined profile. Our experience in Executive Search will ensure the key criteria are specified in this strategic document.
When the Job Profile has been approved by the client, we can start the identification of candidates. This may be done either in-house or through agreements with reputable local search or recruitment firms in the case of multi-country assignments.
After we have interviewed the most promising candidates from those identified, we will prepare a detailed Confidential Reports to help the client choose a short-list of those people he wishes to meet.
We will be present for the first interviews between the client and the short-listed candidates and accompany the client in the final selection of the best person.
The client can rely on our continued involvement during the process of making the offer and closing the recruitment and on-boarding the new hire.


Our Search Guarantees:

Total confidentiality with regard to all information disclosed to us by the client as well as total confidentiality for the candidate in that his identity will not be disclosed until he gives approval.
In the case of departure of a candidate within six months after hiring, we will undertake a new search at our cost. The main proviso with regard to this commitment is that the client must have treated the candidate in a fair and correct manner with no retrospective major deviation from the Job Profile.
We apply an Off-limits policy under which we will not approach any employee of a current or ex: client for a period of two years after cessation of all formal business relationship with that client.


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