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To leverage our experience in order to offer added-value consulting services and business solutions to companies in the high technology sector.


Founder Biography - Peter Cardle - MIEE

An electronic engineer by training with a degree from Nottingham University, UK, Peter Cardle has thirty years business experience acquired in different high technology sectors throughout the world.

The first part of his career was spent in Contracts Management for Marconi Radar Systems in the UK, then in Service Management and training with the French electronics giant, Thomson-CSF (now re-christened ‘Thales’) in South Africa, Australia and France. The commercial orientation started with an opportunity to establish and operate the Representative Office for the company’s medical imaging division, in Beijing, China from 1982-85. In spite of the turbulence around the opening-up of this great nation to the outside world, he sold a number of large medical imaging systems to major University Hospitals around the country and managed to close a deal with the World Bank for one of the largest equipment orders the company had ever received. The next assignment was in the UK to boost the sales of high-end diagnostic imaging systems to this key European market. When General Electric purchased the medical imaging business from Thomson in 1987, he transferred to the new European headquarters in Paris and developed his marketing skills in the challenging and hard-driving culture.

In 1992, he was recruited by Polaroid to create a new high technology division in Europe Under his leadership, this division grew to represent almost half of the world-wide product sales. When Sterling, a newly spun-off division from DuPont de Nemours, purchased the Polaroid business, he moved to Geneva to head-up the European operations for three years until its sale to the Belgian conglomerate, Agfa-Gevaert.

After a year spent with a US-based start-up offering a unique diagnostic imaging outsourcing service via the Internet, he joined a well established and highly reputed Executive Search firm in Switzerland and undertook a number of Europe-wide searches for American high technology companies.

He was then recruited to manage the European Operations of Fischer Imaging Corporation, one of the oldest medical imaging firms that was re-launching itself as a Women’s Health focussed enterprise. Fischer Imaging successfully introduced one of the first full-field digital mammography systems on the market and took second place in market share in Europe. In late-2005, the company's shareholders decided to sell its key IP portfolio to a competitor and Peter left to create Cardle.com.

The last project quickly turned into a full time position as the Vice President Sales for EOS Imaging, a French high-tech start-up selling an innovative full-body orthopaedic x-ray imaging system. The company had a successful flotation in 2012 on NYSE Euronext and is following an aggressive growth path. Peter retired from EOS Imaging at the end of 2012.



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