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Definition and Implementation of distribution solutions
Definition and Implementation of Technical Support solutions
European Pricing strategies
Post-Merger Integration of Business Teams
Special projects

Definition and Implementation of distribution solutions.

It is not only new companies that need to define their distribution strategies. Mature organisations must often re-visit their complete distribution policy when market conditions change or when growth plans impose a new approach. We can help you through this process by working with you to define an optimum solution and by implementing it if you so choose.

What follows is typical example of where our experience and knowledge of the market can be of invaluable support

Current Scenario:
Medium sized, US-based High Technology company (500 employees). Successful market presence in the US achieved through direct sales. One direct subsidiary in Europe with distributors in the major markets.

Slow growth in Europe, low percentage market share compared with US.

Proposed Solutions:
Re-evaluate current distribution network and propose optimum mix of direct sales outlets versus independent distributors. Examine viability of European HQ and propose base country. Recruit key management.


Definition and Implementation of Technical Support solutions

An effective technical support solution for high technology products can mean the difference between success and failure. Our experience in setting-up and running direct and third-party service solutions throughout Europe can become a key differentiator in your companiesí growth. We can help you define your Strategic Service Plan for Europe looking at key issues such as: In-House Service Organisations versus Third Party Service Providers, structure definition, logistics options, staff recruitment, regulatory approvals, etc.


European Pricing Strategies

With the recent implementation of the unique European currency, the Euro, major pricing variations between countries for identical products and services can turn around and bite you big time ! A traffic in grey imports will inevitably start and will confuse your sales results and push your prices down to the lowest common denominator. We can help you hone your European Pricing Policy to meet the needs of your business objectives and not fall foul of the European Commission Competition Law requirements.


Post-Merger Integration of Business Teams

Many mergers and acquisitions end up seriously sub-optimised due to a poor integration of the various parties products and human resources. Internal rivalries force out star talent to protect the status quo. Good products are canned due to vested interests in the stronger party. An outside, independent observer and advisor can help avoid the common mistakes and enable maximum advantage to be taken from the new merged entity. We have been through a number of major mergers of equals and not-so-equals both from the inside and the outside and our experience will help you achieve the most from this difficult but ultimately rewarding process.


Special Projects

We are always ready to study special projects where our experience can add value. If you have a specific idea in mind that you would like help in refining or implementing, please call us for a frank and confidential exchange.



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